Elite: Dangerous is a science fiction game that takes place in the year 3300. It’s a space exploration and trading game set in an open world where players can explore, trade, pirate, bounty hunt, and more.

Frontier Developments is working on Elite: Dangerous, a massively multiplayer space commerce and warfare simulation computer game. It was financed through Kickstarter on November 14, 2012, with almost £1,000,000 collected from 10,266 supporters.

Elite: Dangerous is a game that has been available for quite some time. It’s also one of the world’s most popular games, and it’s completely free to play. This tutorial will assist you in getting up and running with your new game!



If you want to start exploring the immense expanse of space, Elite: Dangerous is the ultimate experience among both traditional games and virtual reality experiences. To get started, here’s everything you need to know.

15th of May, 2017: We’ve added some additional content to this lesson for anybody interested in getting started with Elite: Dangerous in VR.

What does Elite: Dangerous include, and how does it function?

Elite: Dangerous is a space-based action and adventure game in which players explore a galaxy from the cockpit of a spaceship. After being thrown into the game’s enormous cosmos with a low-end ship and minimal supplies, players must work their way up the ranks in the harsh vacuum of space.

During your in-game journey, you may expect to participate in a wide range of activities, from freight transit and commercial transactions to intense interplanetary dogfights. Keep a watch out for rogue gamers roaming about the game’s persistent online world. Elite: Dangerous is one of today’s most immersive simulations, with truly open-ended gameplay.



What is the final objective of the game?

Due to the open-ended nature of Elite: Dangerous’ gameplay, there is no apparent ultimate goal in your adventure. Elite: Dangerous isn’t a huge blockbuster campaign with a predefined storyline; instead, it’s your own personal adventure.

The game accommodates to all play styles and provides light years of limitless content, whether you wish to explore systems and find planets, buy a high-end ship, or even become the best pilot in the galaxy.

Is the game virtual reality compatible?

One of Elite Dangerous’ standout features is its native support for virtual reality, which is a technology that only a small percentage of games are incorporating. While a number of popular games have introduced VR support, none of them come close to Elite’s open-ended sandbox.

Virtual reality adds a new level of complexity and engagement to the game’s already fascinating setting. Elite Dangerous is an absolute must-play for current desktop VR users, and it’s best played with a controller or HOTAS.


Virtual Reality Application of Elite Dangerous


Because Elite: Dangerous is a traditional desktop-based game, it was not built from the ground up for virtual reality. The games are available on both the Oculus Store and Steam, with minor differences depending on the platform.

While Elite: Dangerous is only compatible with the Oculus Rift on the Oculus Store, the Steam VR version seems to be more readily accessible. With compatibility for the Rift, Vive, and OSVR, you’ll have invested in a more flexible version of the game.

The Steam version, however, has some additional difficulties when it comes to getting started with VR since it also includes a non-VR experience. While the Oculus version of the game launches into the Oculus Rift headset automatically, the Steam version needs you to enable virtual reality compatibility manually.

If you’re playing Elite: Dangerous on Steam, be sure you choose VR Mode rather than the 32-bit or 64-bit versions from the options. SteamVR should detect a connected headset and begin playing the game in virtual reality. Although the game will begin with mouse and keyboard controls, players will be able to switch to HOTAS or a gamepad at any time.


Supersampling should be increased in VR.


If your PC can take the load, super sampling is a must-try update once you’ve finished Elite: Dangerous. By displaying games at a higher resolution than the headset, this adds an extra layer of clarity to the outputted image.

Super sampling, which began as a PC game, provides a level of depth missing from the out-of-the-box VR experience. Despite the fact that the higher resolution may significantly decrease framerate, supersampling should not be ignored on top-tier computers.


Fundamental control mechanisms

One of the most challenging aspects of Elite: Controls are difficult to learn when first starting off. Because you use so many keys on your keyboard, it may be tough to remember them all. To make things easier for you, we’ve put up a table of common controls that you can refer to on the move.

Action Key Action Key
Yaw left A The First Explosion Mouse 1
Yaw right D a second explosion Mouse 2
To the left, thrust (strafe) Q In a cycle, fire a group of people. N
Strike to the right E Make preparations ahead of time. T
Thrust up R Hardpoints should be installed. U
Pushing downwards F Panels that can be turned on and off 1-4
RPMs should be increased (acceleration) W Electricity is being misdirected. The navigation is done using arrows.
Reduce the engine speed (reverse) S Landing equipment L
Turn the throttle all the way down to 0%. X Put a heat sink in place. V
Supercruise J The game will be put on hold. P

Elite: Dangerous, on the other hand, may be played in virtual reality with a regular gamepad or a HOTAS controller. By removing the need to search around for certain keys, each of these styles may offer a far more enjoyable and natural experience.



What’s the Best Way to Get Started in Elite Dangerous?

When you’re ready to explore the Elite: Dangerous world, the vastness of space may be daunting. Here are a few of ideas to get you started.

  • Take a look at the following tutorials: Before venturing into the barren universe, be sure to check out each of Elite: Dangerous’ in-game tutorials. You’ll be able to explore using the game’s advanced controls, and the tutorial will walk you through each of Elite Dangerous’ major gameplay pillars. This is an excellent way to get a sense for the game’s features, which range from simple docking and cargo pickups to more advanced dog fighting techniques.
  • Make a personal goal for yourself and work toward it: While Elite: Dangerous has no restrictions on how a player interacts with the game’s environment, specialization will pay off in the long term. Developing your skills to fit your preferences, whether you want to be a great miner, trader, or shooter, is a great way to get to the top. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try out all of the game’s features, but narrowing your emphasis will make credit hunting much easier.
  • To begin, go to the bulletin board and write down the following: When you first start playing Elite: Dangerous, you’ll want to get some quick and easy credits. One of the simplest ways to do so is to utilize the Bulletin Board, which allows you to quickly do a few short tasks in return for a few thousand credits. Although there are faster ways to get money, the board is your best chance as a newcomer to Elite: Dangerous. While docked, open Starport Services and search the Bulletin Board for a job that interests you.


  • Work for a ship upgrade: Once you’ve saved up enough money, you’ll want to consider upgrading or replacing your spaceship. While your first spaceship (the Sidewinder) will suffice, you must improve your ship before embarking on more challenging missions. With an upgrade, you’ll be able to enhance a range of statistics, giving you an edge over opposing soldiers.
  • Make the most of Supercruise: Elite: Dangerous’ inter-system travel capacity is the Supercruise, which can travel at speeds well beyond the speed of light. Any player may join Supercruise by utilizing their ‘Frame Shift Drive,’ which enables them to travel across the galaxy quickly without having to wait for hours. To prevent a week of nonstop flying, utilize the feature while traveling long distances.
  • Here’s how you go from zero to 100 million credits in Elite: Dangerous.
  • There are eight brief tips and strategies in Elite: Dangerous to help you survive PVP battles.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

In Elite Dangerous, what should a newcomer do?

Elite Dangerous is a challenging game that needs you to master the fundamentals before progressing. Starting in a tiny ship and flying about at a low speed while learning how to control your spacecraft is the ideal option for novices.

What is the greatest method for novices to earn money in Elite Dangerous?

In Elite Dangerous, the easiest method to earn money is to find a trade route and establish your own company.

What is the best way to get started in Elite Dangerous 2020?

If you want to play Elite Dangerous, the best place to begin is to join a community. There are many communities that play on various platforms and provide assistance to newcomers.

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The elite dangerous tutorials is a guide that teaches players how to play the game. It’s not only for beginners but also for those who are already experienced and want to learn more about the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a beginner do in Elite Dangerous?

A beginner would typically start with the tutorial, which is available in game. The tutorial will teach them how to fly their ship, land on planets, and use their weapons.

What is the best way to make money in Elite Dangerous for beginners?


How do I get started in Elite Dangerous 2020?

To get started, you will need to buy a copy of Elite Dangerous. You can then download and install the game on your computer. From there, youll be able to create an account and start playing the game.

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