A lot of people have problems with their Excel spreadsheets printing on the right side. This can be a problem if you’re trying to print out your spreadsheet in landscape orientation and it prints the gridlines off-screen or at an angle. Luckily, there’s a simple fix that you can use.

The “excel only printing some gridlines” is an issue that has been present for a while. This tutorial will explain how to fix the issue.

Excel spreadsheet gridlines don't print? Try this


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6th of December, 2021

Publish date: October 2020

  • It’s inconvenient when gridlines in an Excel spreadsheet can’t be printed. You must, therefore, take action.
  • Remember that having your drivers correctly updated is critical to resolving the issue.
  • Another potential solution is to double-check the gridlines option in your sheets.
  • Finally, this tutorial contains more practical and easy-to-follow answers.


Some Excel users need gridlines in their spreadsheets. The printed output will then include cell gridlines as well as their values.

However, some customers have reported that their printers do not print the gridlines in their Excel sheets in MS support forum postings.

According to one user:

Last week, borders were printing on an earlier version of Excel. Gridlines and borders do not print in 2010.

How can I get the gridlines in my Excel spreadsheet to print again?

1. Ensure that the Print gridlines option is turned on.

  1. In Excel, make sure the Print gridlines option is chosen.
  2. Select the Page Layout tab from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under Gridlines, tick the Print box.


2. Bring the scale down to 99%.

  1. To begin, go to the Page Layout tab.
  2. Toggle your mouse over the Scale box just below.1638812297_266_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  3. Press the Return key after entering 99 in the Scale box.
  4. After that, try printing the spreadsheet once again.

3. Uncheck the Draft quality box.

  1. Select the Page Layout tab in Excel.
  2. Then, as indicated in the screenshot below, click the Page Setup button.1638812298_117_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  3. On the Page Setup box, choose the Sheet tab.1638812298_668_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  4. Select the Draft quality check box and deselect it.
  5. Choose the “OK” option.

4. Make sure the printer’s driver is up to current.

You’ve probably heard that keeping your drivers up to date is critical. Make sure this isn’t the situation for you. Outdated driver versions are known to cause serious stability issues, so make sure this isn’t the case for you.

When you connect in a device for the first time, Windows will usually install its own generic version of the driver, and the devices should have basic functioning right away.

However, you need more from your printer. Finding the proper drivers by hand is a difficult process. Download and install DriverFix to prevent it from happening in the first place.

With just a few clicks, you can rapidly update all of your drivers and be back to printing in no time.

Start using this program to schedule driver scans before you start fretting about keeping your drivers up to date. Isn’t it more convenient this way?

Additionally, the program allows you to upgrade outdated drivers automatically, either one by one or all at once. Plus, with automatic help at any time, you’ll be able to deal with corrupted or missing drivers with ease.

Then, rather of doing it manually, you can use this program’s specialist assistance, and you may improve your PC’s performance by effectively repairing driver difficulties.

Obtain DriverFix

5. Choose the highest print quality possible.

  1. Navigate to the File tab.
  2. On the left side of the tab, click Print.
  3. To get a window similar to the one shown below, click Printer Properties.1638812299_411_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  4. Select the tab with the print quality choice, such as the one shown below.
    • The tab that contains that option differs depending on the printer properties window you’re looking at.1638812299_422_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  5. If Standard is chosen, click Best.

6. Click the Print to PDF button.

  1. To begin, go to the File tab.
  2. To see the choices straight below, click Print.1638812300_719_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  3. On the printer drop-down option, choose Print to PDF.1638812301_577_Excel-spreadsheet-gridlines-dont-print-Try-this
  4. To print, press the Print button.
  5. After that, a Save Print Output box will appear. In the text box, provide a title for the PDF file.
  6. Save your work by using the Save button.
  7. In Adobe Reader or another PDF program, open the spreadsheet’s Portable Document File.
  8. Using the PDF program, print the spreadsheet.

These are some of the remedies for gridlines not printing in Excel spreadsheets.

Remember that various freeware spreadsheet apps like LibreOffice Calc can open and print Excel spreadsheets. When using Calc, the gridlines of a spreadsheet may print fine.

Which of these solutions worked for you? Please let us know by posting a comment in the space below.

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The “how to print excel sheet with lines in one page” is a problem that many people have been experiencing. There are two ways to fix this issue. One, you can manually move the gridlines from the top of the page to the bottom. Two, you can use a macro in Excel to do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why wont my grid lines Print in Excel?

A: Make sure that you are printing the grid lines in the correct orientation. If you hit print, your printer should automatically rotate them for you if it cant.

How do you keep the lines on Excel spreadsheet when printing?

A: In order to keep the lines on your Excel spreadsheet when printing, you need to first select File and then print. Then in the Printer Setup dialog box click Page Scaling at the bottom of this window. You will now see that a drop-down menu exists with options for how many copies of each page should be made per sheet (1 – 8)

Why are some of my borders not showing in Excel when printing?

A: An issue with printing can have many causes. In this case, your borders may not be showing because the printer is too busy to display them without making you wait in a queue. Make sure that your printer has sufficient paper coming out and try reducing the size of your document before attempting to print again if necessary.

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