Yes, gaming mice are expensive. That’s why many gamers like to install the same mouse for years at a time before considering an upgrade. But what doesn’t last forever?
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The “gaming mouse” is a device that has been used for decades. There are many factors to consider when deciding how long a gaming mouse will last and when it’s time to upgrade.

I’ve had my fair share of gaming mice after spending so much time playing games.

Some were wonderful, while others were less so.

However, one thing I’ve seen is that a high-end gaming mouse lasts far longer than a standard mouse.

This raises the issue of how long gaming mice endure.

Gaming mice have a long lifespan and do not become functionally outdated when new gaming mice are introduced on the market. Gaming mice often feature better, more precise sensors, buttons that can survive millions of clicks, and a long-lasting build quality.

I still have a gaming mouse that I got eleven years ago and used to play Counter-Strike 1.6 with.

As long as you take proper care of your gaming mouse, it will continue to operate and perform at a high level.

Below is a guide on what you should do to keep your gaming mice in good working order for years to come, as well as some typical reasons why gaming mice quit operating.

Let’s get started!

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How Long Have My Gaming Mice Lasted?

I’ve been a die-hard player since the days of Counter-Strike 1.6, so I’ve had my fair share of gaming mice.

Every “real” gaming mouse I’ve ever had is still in excellent functioning order.

My personal experience with gaming mouse is as follows:

In comparison to many regular office mice, I can confidently declare that gaming mice have the greatest build quality…

And, as you can see from the chart, the mouse that has been with me the longest is still functional.

What Causes A Gaming Mice To Fail?


There are a lot of factors that go into why a gaming mouse quits operating.

Different companies have their own set of difficulties with their gaming mouse, which are mainly caused by manufacturing flaws.

However, if you get a mouse in great functioning condition, you may expect it to endure for years.

When using a mouse, there are two sorts of typical errors:

  1. Defects that occur as a consequence of your actions
  2. Manufacturer flaws that develop over time due to a lack of quality control

Here’s a closer look at what could be causing the problem in the first place:

Misuse-Related Defects and Issues

The following are some of the reasons why your mouse may fail or cease operating temporarily:

  • Dirt accumulates over time.
  • You drop your mouse on the floor by mistake.
  • You accidentally pull your connection cable, causing damage to it.
  • There may be outside interference with the connection if you use a wireless mouse.
  • You’ve overused a certain button to the point that the components are broken and it no longer works.

As you can see, there aren’t many ways to “accidentally” break a mouse, and if it does happen, you’ll know what the problem is very immediately.

When it is the manufacturer’s fault, issues that aren’t so visible may develop.

Gaming Mice Common Manufacturer Errors

I’ve had a few major issues with gaming peripherals dying on me, including:

  • Receiving a connection that isn’t working (for both wired and wireless mice)
  • The chord that comes with it is of poor quality and often breaks.
  • After a few weeks/months, buttons quit functioning.
  • The mouse isn’t working with the device I’ve selected.

There are also “brand-specific” flaws, such as the double-clicking problem with Logitech and the unpredictable cursor issue with Razer.

These defects frequently appear on the first day of usage or months later, but you can usually receive a replacement mouse within the warranty term.

How to Extend the Life of Your Mouse


There are a few things you can do to make sure your mouse lasts a long time, and they are:

Clean your mouse on a regular basis.

It goes without saying that you should clean your whole setup, including your gaming mouse, on a regular basis.

Because your mouse is likely the second most utilized peripheral in your setup, keeping it clean and sanitary is critical for both your long-term health and the mouse’s health.

Dirt may create inconsistencies in your sensor, therefore cleaning it often is the best way to avoid this.

Cable Management and Upkeep


Consider cable management if you want to safeguard the safety of your gaming mouse’s cord.

It will keep your gaming setup looking clean and basic while also ensuring that your cable remains there and is not susceptible to inadvertent pulls that might destroy your mouse’s cord.

You might also consider getting a mouse bungee, which provides a clean and unbroken route for your mouse cable, ensuring constant and precise mouse movements.

When Should You Replace Your Mouse?

The gaming mouse business continues to advance and evolve, with gaming mice embracing lighter designs.

The market seems to have reacted well to light gaming mouse designs weighing approximately 60 grams.

As a result, when the functionality of your gaming mouse becomes outdated, it’s preferable to update.

If you have an old-school mouse that weighs approximately 120g, you may want to choose a lighter mouse like the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT or Glorious Model O-, both of which weigh 60g (12 the weight of what I consider a “heavy” gaming mouse).

Let’s say you want a mouse that can be used for both gaming and productivity…

You may get a mouse like the Logitech G502 HERO, which has an endless scroll wheel function that makes web browsing more easier while still being a good mouse for gaming.

You don’t need to purchase every new mouse that comes out; rather, you should get the one that best meets your requirements.

Check out our gaming mice selections for FPS games like VALORANT and CS:GO if you’re in the market for a new mouse.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions are included here.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Wireless Mice?

Wireless premium gaming mice should last you just as long as a traditional gaming mouse, which is years.

You shouldn’t have any problems with the lifetime of your gaming mouse as long as you maintain it properly.

Just keep in mind that wireless mice might cause issues, which could be due to connection disruptions.

Because you connect the mouse directly to your PC, you won’t have any connection issues with corded mice.

I’ll state that wireless gaming mice have gone a long way, with reaction times of just 1ms and input latency of less than 1ms.

As a gamer, you won’t notice the difference in latency between a wireless and wired mouse, which is a feat that only a few companies have managed in recent years.

The finest wireless gaming mouse uses a USB-C cable to charge and is 10 times simpler to maintain than battery-powered gaming mice.

Wired Mice: How Long Do They Last?

If you keep the cable secure, wired mice may last a long time.

One of the most common issues with wired mouse is that the connection abruptly stops functioning, which might be caused by a variety of factors.

Cable management and a mouse bungee may assist avoid cable difficulties, allowing you to use your mouse for longer periods of time.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Razer Mice?

I was using the DeathAdder Elite before switching to the Glorious Model O-, and it served me well for a year.

The only issue I had with the mouse was that the side rubber began to wear down, causing my thumb to slide off the grip.

As a consequence, the grip grew difficult to maintain and unpleasant over time, so it was time to update.

Minor concerns, such as the one listed above, are unique to me and will not affect everyone.

Even today, the DeathAdder Elite works flawlessly, and when I play games at work, I switch from my G502 to the DeathAdder Elite as my preferred gaming mouse.

What is the lifespan of Razer gaming mice? It will last you a long time.

My DeathAdder is still in fine working order, and I’d be delighted to gift it to a friend or sell it to someone who would be a better fit for it.

When it comes to Logitech mice, how long do they last?

I’m now using the Logitech G502 HERO, which was my first upgrade from my old CS 1.6 gaming mouse, which I previously discussed.

Since then, I’ve switched from using the Logitech G502 HERO as my primary gaming mouse to using it as my main productivity mouse at work (the unlimited scroll feature is such a game-changer).

It is, without a doubt, still in excellent functioning order.

This mouse has been in my possession for three years and has never failed to provide good results.

I’ve never had a problem with double-clicking or having a button break on me.

When it comes to Logitech mice, how long do they last? Years are possible. My G502 isn’t going to die any time soon.

Final Thoughts

The basic truth is that gaming mice may survive a very long time (years, even) provided they are properly maintained and there are no manufacturing flaws.

Unless you become enraged while gaming or your mouse cable gets trapped, the odds of your mouse dying on you are slim, as is the probability of you breaking it accidently.

Gaming mice, on average, survive longer than conventional mice due to their greater build quality, higher-end features, and ability to be used for extended periods of time without failure.

If you’re looking to purchase a gaming mouse, have a look at our top selections for the finest gaming mice for various grips, such as the claw grip, fingertip grip, and palm grip.

Have fun gaming!

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The “how long do wireless mouses last” is a question that is asked often. The answer to this question depends on the type of mouse you are using, how much you use it and how old it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell when you need a new mouse?

A: Its not possible to tell by looking. The wear and tear on the mouse will vary from person to person.

How long should mice last?

A: This is difficult to answer. Generally, a mouse will last for about four years before needing replacement. You should also make sure that you are using the best quality of mousepad if you don’t want your mouse glitching out and getting stuck on it constantly or having trouble moving around properly.

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