March 1, 2024

iTunes can be stuck in a loop of restoring or updating its library. If this is the case, there are some steps that you can take to fix it and get back on track with your media library.

The “iphone won’t restore in recovery mode” is an issue that many people face. The error code 1671 can be fixed by following these steps:

If you’re having trouble with iTunes Error Code 1671, Stuck While Restoring iTunes, keep reading to learn how to fix it.

Hello there, gentlemen. I’m back with another mistake to fix. As a result, I’ve come up with yet another solution to the significant cause mistake. To be frank, I am becoming tired with discussing the applications since there is no joy in doing so. When it came to the answers to the concerns mentioned, the level of satisfaction was much too high. So I’d want to provide answers to some of the issues that may arise from various types of gadgets.

I’m here today to present a clear and comprehensive solution to the iTunes Error Code 1671, Stuck While Restoring iTunes problem. My buddies are also dealing with the same problem in various scenarios. I discovered that all of the problems are exclusive to iOS devices. So I taught that the problem was caused by the same thing and subsequently learned that it was incorrect since it occurred in other scenarios. Let me explain it to you in full.

The same problem is being detected in various settings of iOS users for a variety of reasons. iTunes Error Code 1671, Stuck While Restoring iTunes, prevents you from synchronizing your device with other devices, restoring your device and contents using iTunes, and even upgrading your operating system’s firmware. Furthermore, the same thing will happen when you are executing the backup.

This article contains the following content:

What is the meaning of iTunes Error Code 1671?

If you’re having trouble with iTunes Error Code 1671, you won’t be able to do anything else with that device. If you’re having trouble with iTunes Error Code 1671, double-check that it’s the same problem. You must be aware of the current state of the problem. As I previously said, when you upgrade your iPhone and then restore it using iTunes, the identical iTunes Error Code 1671 will appear on your iOS device.

To acquire confirmations that the problem was iTunes Error Number 1671, you may observe the error code 1671 display on the screen as soon as the issue is reported. If you’re having trouble updating, restoring, backing up, or syncing with iTunes. Then you’ll be able to learn more about the iTunes Error Code 1671 problem and get confirmation. Then it’s one of the proofs that the incorrect number was 1671. As the cited problem was the same, this is one of the methods to get confirmation.

Let’s look at the causes of iTunes Error Code 1671.

When you’re using iTunes to update and maintain your software. You may believe that it occurs on a regular basis, but you are mistaken. The problem iTunes Error Code 1671 will only appear in rare circumstances. As a result, the reported problem will disrupt the complete communication of the user’s connection. If it keeps interrupting, you won’t be able to do any tasks without using the internet.

Quick Solutions:

  • To login with the information, create your own account; never use the guest account.
  • Delete the previous iTunes version from your device.
  • Install the most recent version of iTunes.
  • Remove the iOS device’s outdated operating system.
  • The Operations System you are currently using needs to be upgraded.
  • Check to see whether the time zone is right or incorrect.
  • Restart the system and see whether the problem has been resolved.
  • Remove any third-party applications from your smartphone.

These are some of the simple remedies for the iTunes Error Code 1671 problem. Even if all of the aforementioned workarounds fail to resolve the problem, you may try the ways listed below to resolve iTunes Error Code 1671. To resolve the problem of iTunes Error Code 1671, you must first try each of the options listed below. Perhaps one of the approaches can assist you in resolving the problem. Simply go through the procedures until you discover the ideal option. You won’t be able to solve the problem if you skip any of the steps.

How Do I Fix iTunes Error Code 1671 When I’m Trying to Restore iTunes?

If the dialogue or pop-up of iTunes Error Code 1671 appears on the screen and you are unable to restore, this is known as iTunes Error Code 1671. So only use the procedure below to fix the problem if it occurs when restoring. However, in order to fix the problem, you’ll need to have a few crucial items. These are the following:

  • A USB cable that is compatible with iOS devices.
  • Using a Mac
  • Antivirus programs on your iOS device must be disabled.
  • Device that runs on Windows

These are the only components necessary to resolve the iTunes Error Code 1671, Stuck While Restoring iTunes problem. We now have two options for resolving the problem.

  1. To repair iTunes Error Code 1671, which occurs while restoring iTunes on a Mac.
  2. To repair the iTunes problem number 1671 that appears while trying to restore iTunes from a Windows device.

Method #1: Resolve iTunes Error Code 1671 When Restoring iTunes on a Mac:

You may fix the problem with the aid of a Mac device if you follow the steps below.

  • Make sure your antivirus software is turned off or removed from your device.
  • Simply connect your device to the iOS device with a USB cord after deactivating the antivirus on your smartphone.
  • If you use the Finder on your device, you may go to the host file.
  • Then you may use the Finder to locate the Host file.
  • Go through the folder once you’ve found the host file.
  • You must type the following text and then press the enter key.


  • You can now see the file that has to be restored.
  • Drag the Host file to the screen’s desktop with a long click.
  • Make a mental note of what you need to remember.
  • Finally, open iTunes and restore your device. After you’ve completed this assignment,
  • You may go back and search the host file in its prior location to find the same file in its original location.

It is one of the solutions for resolving the iTunes Error Code 1671 problem that occurs while restoring iTunes. This is the way for resolving the problem on your own, and it required the use of a USB cable as well as a Mac device.

Method #2: Resolve iTunes issue number 1671 while restoring iTunes from a Windows device:

The solution for iTunes Error Code 1671, which occurs when restoring iTunes, may be found here using the Windows operating system. Not everyone can afford a Mac computer. When it comes to Windows devices, you can resolve the problem on your own. The procedure is considerably different from the one described previously. So, to fix the problem without spending time, just follow the procedures in a straightforward and equitable manner.

  • Delete or disable the antivirus program on your iOS device.
  • Connect the iOS smartphone to the Windows device after deactivating the antivirus software.

Later, on your device, enter into MY computer.

There will be various choices on your screen on my PC; pick c: / Drive.

Navigate to the drivers folder, and the host files will appear on the screen.

  • Place the file on the screen’s desktop to help you remember where the drive is.
  • You may later recover the device by saving the item on the screen.
  • Open iTunes on your device and begin the restoration procedure.
  • You may see the Host file in the identical position where it was in the prior circumstance as soon as you restore the device.

This is another way to use the Windows system to fix the problem. These are the only options for resolving the problem of iTunes error number 1671 stuck when restoring.


These solutions are only used to resolve issues that arise during the data restoration process. As stated in the article’s major theme. That was the primary concern raised by the majority of consumers.


  • 1) Is this problem linked to the iPhone restoration failure?

Answer: Yes, this is the same problem as the iPhone restoration failure.

  • Question 2) Was the iPhone software affected during the file restoration process?

Answer: Yes, but not just during restoration; it may also happen during back-up, synchronization, and a variety of other situations.

  • Question 3) Can you solve this problem on your own?

Yes, there is no need to be concerned; just follow the steps outlined above to resolve the problem on your own. Don’t go to a service facility without using these tips and strategies.

The Bottom Line:

The problem of iTunes error number 1671 stuck during restoring is a typical one that may be resolved quickly. The preceding approaches properly illustrate the complete procedure. In general, there are a number of methods to produce a variety of problems. Use these approaches to address the problem in order to make all of that achievable. One of the causes for this kind of problem is an older version of iTunes.

Some of the programs installed from third-party sources will create this kind of problem. I recommend that you do not utilize these kind of applications or websites on your iOS device. Visit my website for additional information. You can examine all of these challenges and their remedies to have a better understanding. Thank you for your interest in OMGeeky.


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The “iphone restore error 4013” is a problem that has been present for a while. The issue occurs when restoring an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to its original factory settings. To fix this issue, the user needs to disable iTunes in Safe Mode by following these steps:
1) Open up iTunes and click on the menu button at the top left corner of the window.
2) Click on Preferences.
3) Scroll down to Advanced and click on Disable iTunes in Safe Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if iTunes Cannot restore iPhone?

A: If youve tried a factory reset and iTunes still cannot restore your iPhone, the next best thing to do is to try restoring it without an Apple ID.

How do you fix iTunes could not connect to the iPhone because an error occurred while reading from the device?

Why is my iTunes Restore taking so long?

A: Apple doesnt allow iTunes to sync with other devices, and its for that reason why your backup is taking a long time.

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