February 29, 2024

StarBound is an open-world, sandbox game with a strong focus on exploration and space survival. The latest update will stop the game from crashing when trying to start it up for some players, but unfortunately not all of them are able to play without issue. Here’s what you can do if StarBound crashes on startup for you.

The “starbound crashing on startup windows 10” is a problem that many StarBound players have faced. The issue can be fixed by following these steps.

If you are having problems with crashes in StarBound after the business logo loads, during gaming, after setting changes, or other random crashes, we recommend that you check your drivers update date. This is why:

Type “Driverquery” into the “Command prompt.” Select OK.

You’ll see the results of your drivers’ update dates. Everything that is less than six months old must be updated. This is why:

  1. Driver Scanner may be downloaded here.
  2. Open it and do a full system scan.
  3. With only one click, you can update your drivers.

Method 2

  1. Return to the previous file. Starbound/universe/universe. chucks
  2. Remove it.
  3. Restart Starbound if necessary.

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The “starbound crashing on startup with mods” is a problem that has been present for a while. The solution to this issue is to remove the mods and reinstall the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Starbound crash on startup?

A: Starbound crashes on startup when you have an error in the config.bin file – Check to see if your PC meets or exceeds all recommended specifications for playing Starbound, and ensure that your antivirus software is not causing any problems with launching of updates from Steam

How do I fix Starbound not launching?

A: Youll need to delete the files that are causing Starbound not to launch. Go into %localappdata%/Starbound and then go into .minecraft/bin/win_x64, where x64 is your platforms architecture. Delete everything inside of this folder except for starbound.

How do I fix my startup crash?

A: If your game crashes upon loading, please try the following steps. 1) Delete all of the files from settings/languages and then go back into options to change them back. This will reset everything so you can start fresh. 2) Uninstall Beat Saber using steam and reinstall it again through a different program such as Windows 10s Add or Remove Programs. 3) Make sure that you have updated your graphics card drivers for either Nvidia or AMD before installing Beat Saber on their respective OSes, otherwise there may be an issue with compatibility within games themselves leading to this sort of error message.

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