If you have an old computer, it may be possible to reveal the password behind the asterisk that is used in your BIOS. This article will show you how to do this without any tools.

The hidden password viewer is a tool that allows users to reveal the hidden passwords of Asterisk. This tool does not require any installation or downloading, and can be used on a Windows computer.

Every online user must have several accounts on multiple websites, as well as multiple passwords. It’s difficult to remember all of the passwords for all of your accounts, so we usually store them in our browser.



Best Practices:

We forget our passwords from time to time, but the browser’s remember password function/facility saves the day. What can we do if we want to know the password concealed behind the “*” (asterisk)?



For this aim, a variety of internet tools, browser extensions, applications, and other resources are available. We’ll show you a simple method to uncover the hidden stuff behind the “Asterisk” in this article.

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 Step-by-Step Instructions:



 1. Simply visit the website in your browser and look for the “Asterisk,” which hides the password or other information. For instance, I’d want to disclose the password to my Facebook account.

2. Right-click on the password box and choose Inspect from the menu.



     OR, as demonstrated below, you may use the shortcut key “Ctrl+Shift+I”:

5. That’s all, as indicated in the image above, the items hidden behind the asterisk will be exposed.

The show asterisk password in android is a question that has been asked for quite some time. Google has released an app called Asterisk Password Revealer to help users find the answer.

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