Computers are constantly getting faster, but how do you know what year your computer was made in? This article will show you how to tell the age of your computer.

The how old is my computer windows 10 is a question that many users have been asking. There are multiple ways to find out how old your computer is, but the easiest way is through the Windows System Info tool.

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You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re wondering how to tell how old my computer is. Whether you constructed the computer yourself or purchased a pre-assembled device, the procedure will be different. However, determining the precise age of a bespoke device may be difficult.

On the manufacturer’s website, you can look up the computer’s serial number and see how old it is. For prebuilt systems or laptops, this is simpler. Alternatively, you may attempt to figure out the PC’s age by looking at the BIOS version. You may attempt to estimate the age of a custom build by looking at the CPU’s release year.

You can obtain a close estimate of the computer’s age using a bespoke method at best. This is due to the fact that they utilize components from many manufacturers.

How Do I Know How Old My Computer Is?

Knowing how to determine how old is my computer may be useful whether you’re buying a used computer or just curious about the age of a certain gadget. Fortunately, there are a few options available to you.

Typically, there are five methods:

  1. Make an appointment with the manufacturer.
  2. Conduct an internet search
  3. Examine the BIOS version.
  4. Checking the Custom PC’s Age
  5. Checking the Date of Windows Installation

1. Get in touch with the manufacturer.

This is by far the most accurate method of determining the age of your computer. If you have a pre-built system or a laptop, the manufacturer may give you with information on when the item was made.

How-to-Find-What-Battery-My-Laptop-Has-2-768x1024 If you have a laptop, the model number is usually printed on the back.

You’ll need one of two things to obtain the best results from this step: the computer’s serial number or the precise model name.

Typically, the serial number is printed on a sticker that is affixed to the item. It holds a lot of information that may be used to identify a particular machine, therefore deleting it is generally not recommended.


If you can’t locate the serial number on a sticker anywhere on the computer, you may read it from the bios using a specific command on Windows. Simply enter the command “wmic bios get serialnumber” without the quotation marks into the command prompt. The serial number of the laptop will be returned.

For this, you may use the computer’s actual model name. Simply go to the manufacturer’s website and contact their customer service department. Provide them with information about the computer, and they will, when possible, provide you with the information you need.

2. Conduct an internet search

You may perform the hard work of looking for the information yourself instead of contacting the company directly. Paste the precise model of your computer into a search engine like Google and check for the date of production.

The manufacturer’s website or reputable internet forums where these topics are discussed are two places where you may obtain credible information using this approach.

Many manufacturers, such as Dell, provide support sites where you may look up information on particular machines, including their production dates.

3. Verify the BIOS Version.

bios-date-and-version-1024x525In System Information, look for the date and version of the BIOS.

The BIOS is the software that allows your computer to start up. This software, unlike others, is executed on a specific chip on the motherboard.

You can get an approximate idea of the age of your computer by looking at the date the BIOS was installed. assuming that you haven’t updated your BIOS since purchasing your computer (highly unlikely that you would have).

How can I determine how old my computer is just looking at the BIOS? On Windows, the simplest method is to open the System Info application and search for the BIOS date item.

  1. Open the start menu on a running computer and look for the application “System Information.” Once you’ve located it, run it. You’ll learn a lot about your computer, some of which may be perplexing.
  2. Search the items to the right of the column called “Item” for an entry labeled BIOS Version/Date under the System Summary tab. Read the information in the adjacent column labeled “Value” after you’ve found it. After the BIOS version, the date should be entered.
  3. You may get the same information by entering “systeminfo” at the command prompt. For the BIOS version, this will still provide the same results.

However, there are disadvantages to this approach, which are indicated by the MIOS version item. When you update your BIOS, the version number changes, and the new date reflects the date of the upgrade. As a result, if you have previously upgraded your BIOS version, you may get incorrect information. 

4. Checking the Custom PC’s Age

Because bespoke computers utilize components from a variety of manufacturers, the manufacturing dates of the different components used on the computer may be used to determine the age of the system.

Alternatively, you may attempt to estimate the age by looking at the dates of some of the main components, such as the CPU and motherboard.

Alternatively, if you purchase a bespoke pre-built system, you may inquire about the computer’s estimated age with the vendor.

5. Confirming the date of Windows installation

This technique takes use of the information from a PC’s Windows installation. If the machine has never been reset, the date when its copy of Windows was installed may be used to determine its age.

This value may be changed and incorrect information provided by performing a system reset or reinstalling Windows. Furthermore, significant Windows upgrades may cause the installation date to shift, which will impact the accuracy of the findings.

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Do anyone know how to determine how old my computer is? This may be accomplished in a variety of ways. You may obtain an estimate based on the age of the components you used if you constructed the computer yourself.

If you have a prebuilt system or a laptop, on the other hand, you may find out the age of the equipment by searching online or contacting the manufacturer.

The serial number on certain gadgets may indicate the device’s age, with some of the characters referring to the year and week the item was produced.

The how old is my computer dell is a question that many people ask. There are two ways to find out how old your computer is, by using the Windows Registry and by using a third party program called HWINFO.

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