MSI is proud to announce the world’s first Intel Z690 motherboard. The MSI Z690A-G45, featuring a brand new layout with plenty of space for high overclocking and extreme cooling performance.

Asus has announced their new MSI Intel Z690 motherboard. The motherboard will be available on the market in March 2019.


Apart from the 11th Gen Core CPUs that were unveiled earlier this year, Intel has more surprises in store for this autumn. Intel launched the 12th Gen Core CPUs on October 27th, while MSI revealed the Z690 motherboards on the same day. MSI, a well-known motherboard maker, seeks to delight its customers. MSI has incorporated new technologies to prepare for the upcoming age. “Welcome to the Next Playground,” as we call it.

The 12th Gen Core CPU was the first to employ Intel 7 process technology and Hybrid Architecture. 12th Gen Core CPUs are now supported on all MSI Z690 Series motherboards. PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 are included in the new platform. All MSI Z690 motherboards with a 128GB/s transfer rate enable SLI. Z690 DDR5 and DDR4 motherboards are available from MSI. MSI OC LAB tuning improves memory frequency performance by over 30% using MSI’s exclusive Memory Boost technology. To ensure high-speed transfer stability, MSI employs the SMT technique for both PCIe 5.0 and DDR5.

Core CPUs demand a lot of electricity. MSI Z690 Gaming Series motherboards provide dependable and strong current to the core processor with 16 DrMOS and dual 8-pin CPU connectors. Server Grade PCBs with 2oz thicker copper are used on the MSI Z690 Series motherboards for quicker data transmission. The hotter the boosted power phases are, the better. Heat dissipation, on the other hand, is not a concern. Our Z690 motherboards come with a 7W/mK thermal pad and an M.2 Shield Frozr. Heat-pipe Design and double-side M.2 thermal are included in the MEG and MPG Series motherboards for best performance.

2.5 LAN is standard on our Z690 motherboards. DDR5 motherboards also support Wi-Fi 6E. Front Type-C is included on the MSI Z690 motherboards for improved connectivity. At least 4 M are available in our portfolio. There are two slots onboard, including three M slots. For high-speed storage, there are two Gen4 x4 slots.

Both hardware and software are being developed. TPM 2.0 is supported by all MSI Z690 motherboards for Windows 11. New features have been added to MSI Center. System Diagnosis restores and backs up MSI storage devices with a single click, and users can keep an eye on storage state to prevent system failures and data loss. For RGB aficionados, we included MIXER, which allows you to combine three different effects to create unique lighting effects.

MEG Series – The Ultimate Playground


There’s more to our MEG Series than meets the eye! In the MEG Series, a 105A SPS is employed. They’re encased in an all-aluminum design that efficiently disperses heat for exceptional performance. It also distributes heat, protects the PCB, and supports memory slots. Up to 5 M.2 slots, including 4 M.2 slots, are available on MEG Series motherboards. Heavy users would appreciate the two Gen4 x4 and two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots. (*3)

For two PCIe 5.0 x16 slots, twin 2.5G LAN, and dual front Type-C 20G, the MEG Z690 ACE is undoubtedly the finest option. Pick one of the golden ACEs. The MEG Z690 ACE’s mystery-black surface has no RGB LEDs. It will glisten like though your game had won.

MPG Series – The Trendy Playground


For the new platform, the MPG Series has been substantially upgraded. The MPG Z690 CARBON WIFI and MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI both contain 5 M.2 Gen4 x4 slots in addition to 2 PCIe 5.0 x16 slots. Aside from that, the MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI includes 16 VRM phases with 75A SPS and direct 16 VRM phases. You will be satisfied with any option you choose.

The MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI is without a doubt the first to catch your attention. The MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI is silver-white for the first time. The silver-white covers contrast well with the black PCB, giving your PC a unique look.

MAG Series: The Triumphant Playground


The MAG’s distinctive arsenal pattern is sure to wow. The new design was influenced by military buildings. The iconic Pacific Blue color scheme is carried over to the MAG Z690 TORPEDO. The MAG Series has proven to be a success.

Aside from its good appearance, the MAG Series has excellent specifications. The TORPEDO and MAG Z690 TOMAHAWK WIFI now feature 16 Duet Rail Power Systems, each with 70A SPS. With 1 PCIe 5.0 x16 and 3 M, you may play games. There are two Gen4 x4 slots.

PRO Series of The Brainy Playground


Businesses and artists may be interested in the PRO Series. 14 Duet Rail Power System and twin 8-pin CPU connections are included in the PRO Z690-A and PRO Z690-A WIFI. For greater productivity, the PRO Series has 1 PCIe 5.0 x16 connector and 4 onboard M.2 slots. The linear form is ideal for your office or studio.


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The “gigabyte z690 motherboard” is an Intel Z690 motherboard that was announced by MSI. The board has a number of features, including support for DDR4 RAM and M.2 SSDs.

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