March 1, 2024

There are a lot of different reasons, from interference to bad cables. In this article we will talk about the three most common causes and offer steps you can take to fix your issue.

Headphones are one of the most common questions consumers ask Apple, with many people wondering why their headphones stop working after a few weeks or months. This article will answer some of those FAQs and discuss what to do if your headphones stop working on your iPhone.

The “headphones plugged in but sound coming from iphone” is a frustrating issue that can happen to anyone. There are multiple causes for the issue, and it may be difficult to fix.

There had a headphone jack on my iPhone when I initially received it, so I could put in headphones. 

However, as the iPhone improved, the headphone port became obsolete, necessitating my purchase of Bluetooth headphones. 

This prompted me to do extensive study on how Bluetooth headphones interact with iPhones, and the following is what I discovered.

Why aren’t my headphones compatible with my iPhone?

There are a variety of reasons why your headphones aren’t working with your iPhone, but the most common cause is damage to your headphones or iPhone. 

The kind of headphones you use may affect the damage to your headphones or iPhone, but there are additional causes for your headphones not functioning.

Why isn’t my iPhone recognizing my headphones?  

There are a number of reasons why your iPhone is unable to detect your headphones, but the most common explanation is because they are switched off.

If you choose to utilize Bluetooth headphones, you may have difficulties connecting them to your smartphone. 

To connect them to your device, you must ensure that a number of items are in good functioning order. 

To begin, ensure sure your headphones are turned on.

Your iPhone will not be able to detect your headphones if they are not switched on. 

Then, after you’ve put your headphones on, make sure they’re near to your iPhone.

They will not be able to be identified or linked to your iPhone if they are too far away from it.

If your iPhone is having trouble detecting your headphones while they are switched on and within range, you may need to take it in for service. 

It’s possible that the problem is with your iPhone rather than the headphones you’re using.


Why isn’t the headphone jack on my iPhone working?  

If you still have an iPhone with a headphone jack port, it’s possible that you’ll have problems with it. 

The major causes of difficulties with the headphone jack port are debris in the port or damage to the headphone jack itself.

Dust and dirt may have accumulated in the headphone jack port over time, creating problems with your headphones. 

Dust and dirt may obstruct the connection between the headphone jack and the iPhone, causing the headphones to stop functioning. 

Another problem might be that the headphone jack is damaged. 

Your headphones will not operate with your iPhone if the headphone jack is deformed or broken for any reason.

How can I connect my iPhone to 3.5mm headphones?  

If your iPhone has a headphone jack connection, you can connect your headphones straight to your phone. 

If you have a newer iPhone with a headphone jack, however, you will need an adaptor to put headphones into it.

The device’s headphone jack was eliminated in subsequent iPhones. 

They say that it aids with the waterproofing of the gadgets, but it has also resulted in an increase in Apple’s sales and earnings. 

When they did this, everyone needed to buy an adaptor for their headphones, which resulted in an increase in indirect sales for Apple. 

To prevent this problem, everyone has migrated to Bluetooth headphones over time.

You’ll need the adaptor if you insist on utilizing headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

You may buy an adaptor that fits into the charging port of an iPhone and then connect the jack into it.

Why are my headphones no longer connected to my iPhone?  

Bluetooth headphones have a lot of issues, and one of the most common issues is keeping them linked to your iPhone. 

The most common cause of your headphones disconnecting from your iPhone is because another device is linked to it.

If you often use Bluetooth, your iPhone is likely to identify a number of different devices. 

Certain Bluetooth devices may connect to your iPhone automatically as a result of this. 

Your headphones may get disconnected from your iPhone as a result of this. 

When additional devices connect, the connection between your headphones and iPhone weakens, which might cause a disconnect.

Furthermore, the lack of a battery in your headphones causes them to disconnect from your iPhone. 

Bluetooth headphones must be charged in order to function correctly. 

They will disconnect owing to a lack of battery power if they are not properly charged.

Why isn’t Bluetooth on my iPhone working?  

It’s possible that Bluetooth isn’t functioning on your iPhone because you haven’t turned it on in your settings.

To connect devices using Bluetooth, make sure that Bluetooth is switched on in your settings.

Another issue might be that you have an excessive number of devices connected. 

When you have too many Bluetooth devices linked to your phone, the Bluetooth may stop working. 

If those problems are fixed, your iPhone may need to be updated or reset. 

Your iPhone may need to be updated or reset in order for Bluetooth to operate.

On my iPhone, how can I disconnect or forget a device?  

On your iPhone, go to settings and choose the Bluetooth tab to disconnect or forget a device. 

All of the devices that your iPhone recognizes are listed in the Bluetooth tab. 

You must first select the I symbol next to the device you want to disconnect/forget, and then a menu of choices will display. 

There is a forget device button among those possibilities. 

You must press that button in order for your iPhone to forget about that device.

What is the procedure for resetting the Bluetooth on my iPhone?  

To re-enable Bluetooth on your iPhone, go to the settings menu and choose the general tab. 

There is a tab called “Reset Network Settings” inside the general menu.

To reset the Bluetooth on your iPhone, you must click this tab.

This will also reset your Wi-Fi settings, which may have an impact on any VPNs you’re using. 

All devices that were identified on your iPhone through Bluetooth will be lost when you do this, and you will be able to start again.

 Final Thoughts 

According to my study, there are a number of reasons why headphones could not function with an iPhone. 

The most plausible explanation for your headphones not functioning should be damage to your iPhone/headphones, regardless of whether you are using Bluetooth headphones or headphones with a headphone port. 

If there isn’t any damage, you may investigate into the problem more, although most of the time there is a reasonable cause for your headphones not functioning with your iPhone.

The “why won’t my headphones work on my phone” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer is simple, but not always easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my headphones not working when I plug them in?

A: Your headphones are probably not compatible with the game. This is due to interference on your end, or some other issue on their end. All of our headsets work properly for Beat Saber PS4/PSVR

Why when I plug in my headphones the speakers still play iPhone?

A: If your headphones are plugged in, the audio does not come out of the speakers.

How do I get my iPhone to recognize headphones?

A: To get your iPhone to recognize headphones, you must ensure that the headphone jack is not covered by any external object. You can also use an audio interface with a 3.5mm input port in order for it to work properly.

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