When the American online casino industry reported grossing over $60 billion in 2022, businesses and the media took notice. But, most importantly, new online players rushed in droves to create accounts to capitalize on the new sensation. In fact, during the COVID-19 shutdown, American online casinos saw exponential growth in membership.

With such an influx of members, online casinos were especially challenged to entice their members to join and to keep them. The golden method has always been casino bonuses. But how do you offer promotions that each member would like? That’s where AI-powered marketing comes to the rescue.

Benefits of AI Marketing for Online Casinos

Let’s quickly rundown on the top ways that AI-drive marketing continues to drive an online casino’s bottom line.

  1. A great way to retain the current customer base is with personalized promotions.
  2. Boosts the brand’s reputation by getting happy and engaged customers to refer new members.
  3. Through predictive AI tools, online casinos can get a jump on future profits.

Understanding AI for Casino Marketing

Besides an amazing array of casino games, online casinos go for broke with lucrative promotions, especially no-deposit and new member bonuses, to attract new players. Usually, these standard welcome packages are good enough to get them to create accounts, and get them to make their initial deposits. However, once the member has gone through the new member packages, online casinos must find a way to retain their members so they don’t defect to a rival online casino to use their promotions.

The solution rests with behavioral AI. From the first moment a member joins an online casino, AI monitors their habits, especially gaming. It stores these member details and habits in databases to have on record.

So, besides investing heavily in general casino ads that might not interest many members, behavioral focuses on personalized marketing on a member-by-member basis. Here’s how it works. It’s no mystery that because slot games make up the majority of an online casino’s gaming inventory, it’s only fair to see the bulk of an online casino’s advertising campaign centered around slots.

But what if your cup of tea is baccarat or another table game, roulette? To help an online casino maximize their profits and boost them, through behavioral AI, an online casino will offer each member more personalized casino promotions based on their favorite games.

So instead of a blanket ad about 200 free spins, a player who prefers baccarat might see a personalized ad just for them about a cashback promo for playing baccarat. That way that player is incentivized to continue making deposits, ultimately improving the online casino’s bottom line and brand reputation to attract new members.

Predictive AI in Online Casino Marketing

Behavioral is only the first step for improving an online casino’s bottom line. Already registering what a member prefers, the games they like, and which personalized marketing campaigns are effective, online casinos have a foundation for future profits. That’s where predictive AI enters the scene. Going back to the baccarat analogy, if future baccarat releases come online, for example, Super 6 or Speedy Baccarat, already knowing that a member favors baccarat, an online casino can begin advertising these new or pending releases with exclusive deals.

Again, the name of the game for a successful online casino is to retain its current membership while increasing it with lucrative new member prizes. By the same token, already having a foothold in the area where a member is likely to go in the near future, an online casino can also manage its resources better and redistribute them to areas that might need them more than others.

AI Brings Everything Under One Umbrella

It’s one thing to have a pulse on a member’s behavior on the casino site; it’s another thing to monitor and maximize engagement outside the casino’s site. Behavioral AI has become so extensive that it can also monitor and catalog a member’s gaming and behavior patterns on sites linked to the main casino. Social casinos heavily invest and market on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Behavioral AI can have more personalized marketing messages for members to catch their attention and steadily lead them where they want to go.


As online casinos move towards grossing over $100 billion annually, AI will be needed more than ever to retain these members. As technology improves, so will the models for behavioral AI and predictive AI analysis. Tying together social media marketing and mobile play, online casinos can expect higher membership engagement and more referrals for new members for years to come.