Some businesses and individuals spend countless hours staring at their social media follower count, only to see the number stagnate or grow at a snail’s pace despite their best efforts. Understanding the reasons for the sluggish growth is the first step toward reversing the trend and getting that follower count soaring. This article will highlight the five most common reasons for a lack of social media following growth and actionable solutions to each of those problems.

Not Understanding Your Audience

Not knowing who your audience is will almost guarantee that your content will not resonate with them, resulting in them not sharing your content or even unfollowing you. Generic content that doesn’t cater to your followers’ interests, wants, and needs will never gain traction and it will fall flat.

For example, you may bill yourself as a tennis expert and regularly post tennis-related content. If your audience is young, they are likely uninterested in what cars tennis players drive or the best hotels to stay in during Wimbledon; they are more concerned with who the best players are and tips on improving their game.

The best way to produce content that sits well with your followers is to conduct audience research. Instagram, Facebook, and X(formerly Twitter) have built-in analytics tools to gather data on your followers’ interests, behaviors, and demographics. Don’t be afraid to use polls or directly ask your followers what content or subject matter they want to see you post.

An Ineffective Use of Hashtags and Keywords

Hashtags on social media platforms are more than a simple gimmick; they are a way for people to search and find your content who would not ordinarily know about your account. You are reducing the discoverability of your posts if you use overly generic or irrelevant hashtags.

Solve this issue by aiming for 5-10 relevant hashtags per Instagram and X post. Use tools like Hashtagify or Google Keyword Planner to find appropriate and popular hashtags, or use your common sense and think about what potential followers would search for. If you have posted content about former Wimbledon champions, use hashtags such as #wimbledon, #tennis, #SW19, or a hashtag with the names of the most recent winners or famous players.

Having an Inconsistent Posting Schedule

An inconsistent posting schedule will usually result in slow growth for your social media channel. Not publishing regular content can result in your audience losing interest or forgetting about your account altogether. In addition, most social media platforms use algorithms that favor accounts that frequently post.

Creating and sticking to a content calendar is the best way to avoid inconsistent posting. Try posting similar content at the same time and day so followers know what to expect and will return to your channel to consume your content.


It is not always possible to post at the same time, especially if you lead a busy life or are enjoying a vacation. If this describes you, plan your posts and schedule them with tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. Such scheduling tools are a Godsend if you have followers located in different timezones from yours; remember how earlier we said knowing your audience is essential?

A Lack of Engagement

Building a social media presence is not only about regularly posting content your audience wants; it is a two-way street where interacting and engaging with your followers reap the rewards. Social media accounts that do not like comments, respond to comments, or share others’ posts will often find their growth is hindered. You can get away with a lack of engagement if you are a superstar with 100 million followers, but you are not such a person, so start interacting with your fans!

Engagement should be your number one priority. Always respond to comments and messages promptly, and be sincere and genuine. Take time to leave comments on your followers’ content, too. Doing so will make them feel like they are part of your community, which can increase loyalty.


Get your followers involved through polls, live streams, or Q&A sessions to help foster a sense of community. Ask them who their favorite tennis player is and see if it encourages others to join in the conversation. Followers who feel part of something special are likelier to engage with your content and tell friends, family members, and followers about your accounts.

You Are Producing Low-Quality Content

If you are not making the four mistakes above yet are still finding that your follower count has stagnated, your content quality is likely not up to par. Low-quality images, spelling, and grammatical errors can all deter potential followers, especially when social media is awash with high-quality and professional content.

Remember that content is king in the digital world, and your content must always be of the highest quality possible. Pay attention to the small details, and always proofread your posts. Consider mixing your content with different formats, including videos, images, infographics, and text-based posts. Add flair and professionalism to pictures and photos with Canva, an easy-to-use tool that can add serious pizzazz to your visuals.


Growing your social media presence takes time, effort, and perseverance. Adhering to a consistent posting schedule of high-quality and varied content gives you a fighting chance to build your brand. Further, improve matters by utilizing relevant and trending hashtags, engaging and interacting with your followers, and producing content that resonates with your audience, which will ultimately increase your follower count.

You can help that all-important following count rise by staying updated with trends, running contests and giveaways to give something back to your community, or even attempting to collaborate with influencers in your niche. Imagine being a tennis-related account like we have talked about today that manages to get a top pro to retweet your content; now, go make that happen!