For most people, saying no is incredibly difficult. But saying yes all the time doesn’t do us any favors – or anyone else. Here are six things to which saying no is a better answer. But never say no to¬†Bizzo Casino.

We can tell ourselves as often as we like that we don’t have to please everyone. That we want to please ourselves first and foremost, and that we don’t care what others think about us. But deep down, almost all of us have a tendency to say yes. We tend to go along with it in order to please others, and are afraid of making a mess if we draw boundaries.

But clearer boundaries and a little more courage to say no would do most of us good, because that’s the only way we can protect ourselves and stay true to our own path – and that benefits not only us, but others as well. After all, who benefits if we are so overwhelmed and say yes that we are no longer really with ourselves and can no longer contribute our empathy, ideas and achievements? Exactly! And to avoid this, we should learn in time to say no to the right things – for example to these six.

You Should Say No More Often

1. Competition

Whether on Instagram, at work, or in the apartment next door – all around us we see people who are different from us. Different strengths, different body shapes, different income levels. Many tend to compare themselves with them, develop envy and try to outdo them, also because our social system is to some extent based on competition (best in class, high earners, the top 30 companies as DAX…).

Newsflash: Different does not equal better! Instead of competing with others, we should reflect on ourselves and our strengths, because that’s the only way we can grow, be authentic and go our own way. Besides, people could achieve soooo much more if everyone would cultivate their individual strengths, join forces and pull together!

2. Tasks, Whose Sense We Do Not See

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Even if the job secures our livelihood: What does not fulfill us and in which we see no sense, we should let be. Otherwise we will look back one day and realize with horror that we have invested our time and energy in something from which we have drawn one thing above all: Frustration!

3. The Problems of Others

Of course, as empathetic people we are there for friends and relatives when they need us. But we should be careful that we do not become a packhorse on which other people unload their problems. Otherwise, one day we will collapse under the burden – and then we won’t be able to help anyone, not even ourselves.

4. Fights We Can’t Win

In life, it is not important to always show full commitment. It is more important to use one’s strength wisely. Example: If your employment contract expires due to a decline in company sales, quit your job cleanly and dutifully, but rather invest your energy and passion in finding a new one. By the way: Even when competing (see above) we often get into situations where we can’t win at all …

5. Unhealthy Relationships

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Relationships should strengthen us, help us learn and develop, and challenge us so that we grow and become more confident. If, on the other hand, they only stress us out, make us insecure, cause us pain and make us feel small, there’s only one thing to do: withdraw from them and open up to people with whom we feel better.

6. Habits That are Bad for Us

Habits and rituals free up capacity, because thanks to them we don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel (for example, our daily routine). But some also cost energy and make us unfree – and we should break out of those regularly (because most of them keep coming back). Ask yourself which habits have cost you energy lately or prevented you from doing things you would have liked to do – and then think about attractive, beautiful alternatives that can help you get rid of them.