When a few tech-loving young people launched PayPal in California in 1998, they certainly had no idea that they would cause a real revolution in the world of internet payments. With over 200 million users and annual sales that regularly rise easily into the billions, PayPal is considered the gold standard when it comes to e-wallets 20 years later.

Of course, non-GamStop betting providers were not exempt from the new trend. In fact, this payment method quickly caught the attention of betting fans, so that PayPal at non GamStop gambling offices is a welcome guest, especially when it comes to sports betting.

This also supports our team of experts. That’s why we decided to analyze PayPal and its connection with online sports betting in depth.

Special Bonuses for PayPal Sports Betting: Can I Also Benefit?

Various tempting bonus offers that are intended to attract new customers or keep regular customers satisfied are part of the standard program at most online betting providers. However, in most cases, you will most likely come away empty-handed when looking for a special PayPal bonus. You would certainly have had better luck in the past. Non GamStop bookmakers are currently focusing more on other e-wallets and are encouraging gamblers to use NETELLER or Skrill for money transactions with attractive bonuses.

However, those who place sports bets with PayPal can almost always count on the usual welcome bonuses and free bets. In contrast to NETELLER or Skrill, this payment method is accepted by the majority of non GamStop bookmakers to receive the available bonuses.

What Benefits Does PayPal Bring to the Table?

As already mentioned, PayPal has been considered the market leader in internet payments for years. This raises the understandable question: What are the reasons behind PayPal’s enormous popularity?

The flagship of this payment method is definitely the issue of security. This is a renowned and extremely reputable service provider where fraud and rip-offs are completely out of the question. Modern encryption techniques ensure that your personal data is protected in the best possible way.

The ability to use this service on smartphones while on the go naturally makes both PayPal sports betting and other internet payments much easier. The native mobile app allows you to keep track of all monetary transactions at any time and anywhere you want. All you need to do is have a smartphone and a stable internet connection.


All PayPal payments are usually processed in a matter of seconds, which is definitely another plus point of this payment method. Gamblers in particular will benefit from this. The amount deposited with the betting providers using PayPal is made available to you immediately.

PayPal Vs. Classic Payment Methods: What Are the Differences?

Most betting fans will of course be interested to know what advantages PayPal has over classic payment methods such as debit or credit cards?

In this regard, the first thing that needs to be highlighted is the issue of security. The main reason you will feel safe with PayPal bets is that the provider does not see your credit card number. All transactions are made directly from the PayPal account, which means you can also protect yourself against dubious online betting providers. Classic payment methods sometimes offer similar options. However, in this case, you will usually have to accept certain fees after use.

PayPal also allows you to make payments much more easily and quickly. You don’t have to waste time entering 16-digit numbers or answering other annoying personal questions. In addition, PayPal payouts are processed immediately, which all betting fans will certainly appreciate. The fact that there are generally no fees for PayPal payments also deserves great praise.

PayPal Sports Betting: Payments Made Easy!

Since its early days, the team behind PayPal has pursued the approach of making this service as user-friendly as possible. In general, PayPal offers you extremely intuitive software that is very easy to use. All the most important data is presented to you at any time, which certainly makes the overview and use in general much easier.

If you want to place bets with PayPal, you can use your PC as well as smartphones or tablets. Using the excellent mobile app, you can easily fill out and submit online betting slips on the go.


To make a deposit, you will simply need to enter the appropriate email address from your account. No bank details or other personal details are required.

Sports Betting With PayPal: Get Your Betting Slip in 3 Steps!

Anyone who wants to use PayPal for betting will definitely not experience any problems. This service is perfect for everyone. To fill out a betting slip online and make a deposit using PayPal, all you have to do is follow the three following steps:

  1. Create PayPal Account

The first step to the PayPal betting slip is also the easiest. Go to the PayPal website in your web browser or mobile device and click “Sign Up.” In the new window, you must then enter the required data and verify a valid bank account or bank card.

  1. Go to the Desired Website

Before moving on to the second step, you should first make sure that the non GamStop bookmaker you want accepts PayPal as a payment method. If this is the case, you can create and log in to a new gaming account within minutes. In the game account, you simply have to select PayPal as the payment method and enter the desired amount.

  1. Place the Bet Slip

As soon as the desired deposit amount has been determined, with a bit of luck, you can really enjoy online betting with PayPal. The amount of money is credited to your gaming account immediately, and you can use it to test your luck when betting.