Microsoft Silverlight is a browser plugin that provides access to rich multimedia, gaming and communications experiences. Google Chrome no longer supports the plug-in, but there are still workarounds available if you need it.

The “enable silverlight in chrome 2021” is a question that has come up with the release of the new version of Chrome. The answer to this question is found by using the following command: chrome://settings/content/silverlight/enabled

Users of Google Chrome version 42 have discovered that the Silverlight plug-in no longer works in this browser. Given the large volume of material created with this technology on the web, the issue is substantial (when used alone and across several browsers, it is not the best option). The reason why the Silverlight plug-in does not work in the current versions of Chrome is because Google has refused to enable NPAPI plug-ins in the browser, and such support has been deactivated by default since version 42.

In Google Chrome, how can I activate Microsoft Silverlight?

To activate the Silverlight plug-in, you must first re-enable NPAPI functionality in Chrome, which may be done by following the instructions below (in this case, the very Microsoft Silverlight plug-in must be installed on your computer).

In the address box of your browser, type chrome: / flags / # enable-npapi — this will load the page for configuring experimental Chrome features, with the highlighted option «Enable NPAPI» at the top of the page; click «Enable».

Restart your browser, navigate to the page where Silverlight is needed, right-click on the content area, and choose «Run this plug-in» from the context menu.


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The “silverlight for chrome” is a browser plugin that allows users to use Silverlight applications in the Google Chrome Browser. The installation of this plugin requires manual steps, which are detailed in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Silverlight not working on Chrome?

A: Silverlight is a deprecated browser plugin, which means that it has been discontinued by Microsoft. As such, Chrome does not allow for anything to run on this legacy browser plugin any longer.

How do I activate Silverlight?

A: Silverlight is Microsofts current web browser. To activate it, you must be on Windows 10 or have a device with the latest version of IE installed.

How can I tell if Silverlight is installed?

A: Silverlight is a discontinued Microsoft web browser plugin, which can be used in conjunction with Windows. In order to install this program, go to the control panel and type Silverlight into the search bar. If you see that there is a link for it in your results then Silverlight has been installed on your system before.

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