Philo is a television streaming service that offers over 30 channels for $16.99 a month. The company announced today that subscribers can now add Epix and Starz to their plan.

Philo, a popular streaming service just announced that they have officially partnered with Epix and Starz. This new development means that Philo subscribers can now add both services to their plan for an additional $10 each month.

Subscribers to Philo may now add Epix and Starz as premium channel add-ons to their bundle. This is one method users may supplement their low-cost live TV subscription without having to subscribe to the services directly, or switch live TV streaming providers to get more content access.


Philo’s main selling feature is its low price. While not as inexpensive as it once was, a Philo membership costs only $20 per month and provides access to 58 channels. The only drawback is that there are no further plans or possibilities for increasing the amount of information provided. There wasn’t one until today, that is.

The new premium add-ons are now available on the Philo website, and members may add them to their current account. The two add-ons are now available at a reduced cost, regardless of whether you are a current or prospective Philo customer. For example, the Epix add-on (which gives you access to Epix, Epix 2, and Epix Hits) usually costs $6 per month, but it’s just $3 right now. Similarly, the Starz add-on (which includes Starz, Starz Encore, and Starz Kids & Family) used to cost $9 per month but is now just $5.


Philo premium add-onsPhilo (source)

Both reduced prices are valid for the first three months of a membership and must be used before July 13. Both add-ons come with a seven-day free trial, which further sweetens the sale.

Philo is expanding his product line with add-ons.

This is a significant shift for Philo, and it’s likely to be indicative of things to come. With an ever-growing user base and so many people looking for a better live TV streaming bargain, if Philo can keep adding premium add-ons to its service, it may find itself attractive to customers who hadn’t previously considered it.

This is even more plausible given how crucial pricing has become in the streaming experience. While many people started streaming to save money on TV and video, the expansion of streaming services over the past few years has created a situation where selecting for all of them equals a monthly price that’s the same as it was before they started streaming. As a result, many people are having to make intentional judgments about which streaming service to use, and some of those selections will be based solely on price.

If Philo can create an experience that maintains its basic pricing as cheap as possible while giving subscribers the choice to customize their package with add-ons like these, it may make price-based decisions for live TV streaming customers a bit simpler.

The “philo add-ons” is a new feature that allows subscribers to add Epix and Starz to their plan. This is the first time that Philo has allowed this type of addition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Epix to my Philo account?

A: To add Epix to your Philo account, enter the website and click on Watch Now under Films. Then scroll down until you find the film title that you want and select it. You will then see a pop-up box saying that they are available for purchase as well as information about how much time is left before they expire from the store. If you agree with these terms, simply buy them with one of your credit cards or debit card by checking out through this site using an existing link saved in their browsers history/bookmarks bar.

Is Epix free on Philo?

A: Unfortunately, Epix is not available for free on Philo.

Can you add premium channels to Philo?

A: No, Philo only offers the 18+ channels that are listed in their website.

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