Tokyo Revengers is a new anime series that has been getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The show’s creators, Studio Trigger, have embraced blockchain technology in order to provide more transparency and accountability in the entertainment industry.

The tokyo revengers season 2 is a review of the first 12 episodes of the anime series Tokyo Revengers.

The finale of Tokyo Revenger ended on a cliffhanger. Takemichi, our crying infant protagonist, will be OK, but how he avoids death is open to conjecture. Today, though, I’d want to reflect on the whole season and how I felt about it.

The following is a summary of Tokyo Revengers:

The second year of middle school was the pinnacle of Takemichi Hanagaki’s life. He had respect, a solid group of friends, and even a girlfriend. That was twelve years ago, however. He’s now a nothing, a washed-up nonentity mocked by youngsters and obliged to apologize to his younger employer on a regular basis. An unexpected news story about the Tokyo Manji Gang brutally murdering his lone lover and her brother just adds salt to injury. Takemichi flashes back to the same day twelve years earlier, when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana, half a second before a train destroys his miserable existence for good.

Takemichi encounters Hinata’s younger brother after being forced to repeat the day that started his downward spiral. Before going back to the past, he confesses to his seeming death without thinking. Before mysteriously returning to the future, Takemichi begs him to safeguard his sister. Thankfully, he isn’t dead. Even stranger, the future has shifted. Takemichi seems to have the ability to change the passage of time. Takemichi resolves to travel through time to alter the course of history in order to avoid his ex-sad girlfriend’s murder at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang.


Watching this anime was like riding a rollercoaster for me. There have been many ups and downs. I sympathized with Takemichi at first since he had to go back in time to attempt to alter the future and cope with the death of his ex-girlfriend, but after the fifth episode, I became irritated with Takemichi’s development. Or rather, the absence of it. I understand that Takemichi is a sensitive person, but when are the rainstorms going to stop? Not to mention the fact that when the crap went down, all he did was stand about. I get that Takemichi isn’t a fighter, but you’d think that being in a world where fighting is frequent, let alone on a mission to alter the future, he’d attempt to get some exercise in between missions. Takemichi quickly became my least favorite character in the series, and if it hadn’t been for the rest of the show’s quality, I would have given up on it.

I kept going back because of characters like Mikey and Draken, members of the Toman Gang, the mystery behind his time travel ability, the secret enemy, and the connection these guys built. The other characters grew as a result of each incident, while Takemichi stayed largely unchanged. He’s constantly weeping and yelling people’s names whenever he sees them. There was one moment in particular that disturbed me, and that was when he went to see Draken in the future while incarcerated. I was angry by the way he behaved, denying Draken would have done it when Draken basically informed him he murdered the man. He hadn’t known them for long, but acted as if he had grown up with them. I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with his time perception being messed up by time travel, but wow. That whole show irritated me. And don’t even get me started on the Baji episode! What was going through your mind not to intervene when the man was stabbed? You knew he was stabbed and that he would die in that situation, yet you simply stood there. It was possible that his death might have been averted. Things like that, the decision-making process, have irritated me a lot this season.


Takemichi’s moves and attempts, particularly during battles, were pitiful to say the least, but at least he tried. I was like “FINALLY” when he rescued Draken’s life and stood up, but AFTER THAT EVENT, HE HAS NOT SHOWN ANY PROGRESS. I don’t know, I hope he grows up, because he’s technically a grown man trapped in a child’s body, so he’s got to do better.

Outside of Takemichi, this anime, as I have said, has a lot of potential. Slow-paced, repeated recaps may get tedious, but when the program is allowed to flow and let things unfold, it is fantastic.

I loved the mystery of what’s going on, particularly because, no matter what Takemichi tries, Kisaki always appears to be one step ahead of him, therefore I’m assuming he’s a time traveler as well. Kisaki, on the other hand, was a better character in the little time he was introduced, so I’m hopeful he has something planned for us. Overall, I’m hoping Season 2 picks up the pace a little more, with less scaredy-cat Takemichi and more development. It’s time to act your age now that you’re an adult.

Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers is reviewed.

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Is the Tokyo Revengers anime good?

The Tokyo Revengers anime is a good show.

Is Tokyo Revengers a bad anime?

Tokyo Revengers is a good anime.

What is Tokyo Revengers summary?

Tokyo Revengers is a manga series written and illustrated by Toshiki Kudo. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from January 2001 to July 2002, with a total of 32 chapters.

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