Apple Airpods Pro are a wireless pair of earbuds that you can use to make and receive phone calls. They’re designed for iOS devices, but not all users have them. If you’ve been having trouble with your Airpods Pro, this article will help you solve the issue.

The how to answer a call with airpods pro is an issue that some users are having. There are 8 troubleshooting steps that can be done in order to fix the problem.

There are many sound output options available in today’s technology industry. 

Apple’s Airpods, on the other hand, stand out. 

Because of their obvious sound quality and compatibility, this is the case. 

In addition, the Airpods enable us to take and receive calls wirelessly. 

When utilizing your Airpods, you may run into certain difficulties. 

I conducted some investigation and discovered some of the possible causes. 

Let’s get started on the subject without further ado.

Why can’t I use my Airpods Pro to answer calls?

Make sure your Airpods are completely charged before using them. You may also try calling someone else in your contact list to see if it helps. It’s possible that the problem is also on the person’s end. It’s possible that their microphone is defective, making it difficult for you to take calls. Finally, there may be a problem with the network.

The issue gets even more strange if your Airpods don’t work with phone calls yet operate well with other applications. 

If you run across this issue, there are a few debugging options you may attempt.

How Do I Use Airpods Pro To Answer Phone Calls?

It’s never been easier to make a call with Airpods Pro. 

You phone Siri and say, “Hey Siri,” to begin the conversation. The contact’s name is then mentioned as a follow-up. 

This is similar to the phrase “Call Jane on her cell phone.” This technique, on the other hand, is optional. 

You may configure Siri to start calls or use the force sensor to begin calls.

You push the force sensor to answer or terminate your call. 

You may do this with any of your Airpods. 

You can use your voice to answer or reject a call if you use Siri. 

However, this is only available to iOS 14.5 and later users.

You may wish to reject a call at times. 

You may want to leave it on voicemail after that. 

Double-pressing the force sensor on the Airpods Pro does this. 

To answer your second call, you must put the first one on hold or hang up.

You may switch between the call on hold and the new call by tapping the phone sensor. You may also put a stop to the new call. 

You’ll be able to switch to the other one as a result of this. 

Double-pressing the force sensor does this.


What Should I Do If I’m Having Issues Answering Phone Calls?

Airpods make use of a mix of Bluetooth and hardware. 

There may be a slew of reasons why your Airpods aren’t picking up calls. 

There are a plethora of viable options available. 

Here are some suitable solutions that may be useful to you:

1. Changing the Audio Output of the Call

iPhones, like all other technology, are prone to malfunction. 

When you get a call, your phone may not always send it to the Airpods. 

Despite the fact that the Airpods are linked to your phone, this is the case.

If this is the case, make sure the Airpods are set as the default audio output device. 

The Airpods are not linked to your phone if they are not listed among your audio devices.

You should be able to check if your Airpods are connected or not by long-pressing the Bluetooth symbol in the icon center. 

You may also verify whether the Airpods are connected by going to the settings.

2. Examine the Airpods’ volume.

The loudness of the AirPods may sometimes make you believe the gadget isn’t functioning. The Airpods’ loudness may be low or muffled at times. 

When on the phone, this makes it difficult to hear the other person.

If you’re using the Airpods as your primary audio device on the call screen but still can’t hear the other person, turn up the volume. 

A volume indicator for the AirPods appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

To raise the volume, press the volume-up button on your screen. The issue with the phone calls should be resolved as a result of this.

3. Restarting Your iPhone’s Bluetooth

Occasionally, turning your Bluetooth on and off may help. 

Before you begin, remove the Airpods from your ears and replace them in their charging case. 

After that, you may try answering a phone call to check whether it works.

4. How to Reset Your Airpods

One of the most effective methods is to reset your Airpods. 

You should disconnect your Airpods from any devices that are linked to them. 

Then you should try reconnecting them from the beginning. 

To do so, go to your iPhone’s Airpods Bluetooth settings and choose Forget This Device. 

Bring the Airpods near to your phone to reconnect. 

The Airpods should be kept in their case at all times. 

You should open the case and couple the devices.

5. Reset the Network Configuration

Due to network issues, you may be unable to answer a call on your Airpods at times. 

Resetting your network settings may be the best option for those who have encountered a similar issue.

It will clear up any wireless network settings as well as any Bluetooth issues. 

These are the same issues that may be preventing the Airpods from working properly.

6. Double-check your Bluetooth connection

Having several applications utilizing your Bluetooth at the same time may create issues. 

It’s possible that there may be traffic, and your Airpods will not work as planned. 

There will be a limit on how much you may use the Airpods, and you may not be able to answer calls with them.

Turning off Bluetooth access to other applications may help solve this issue. 

If you wish to use your phone’s Bluetooth to check the applications, go to settings and turn off Bluetooth access for all of the apps on the list.

7. Upgrade to the latest software version

Some of the issues with your Airpods may be caused by an older iOS version. 

All of the connection and consumption issues may be due to this. 

There may be some issues that have been fixed in later versions that you are not aware of. 

If you have any issues when using the beta versions, make a backup of your data and install a stable iOS build.

8. Use Other Apps to Research Airpods Technicalities

You may have issues with your Airpods that aren’t connected to phone calls. 

When utilizing third-party apps, certain difficulties may occur. 

On your phone, this might be google-meet or skype. 

Always double-check that the Airpods are chosen as the output device in these applications.

With Airpods Max, how do you answer calls?

Making a call with the Airpods Max is identical to making a call with the Airpods Pro. 

You keep your hand on the digital button to answer calls. 

With Siri, you may enable call announcements.

You may use your voice to answer or reject calls if you activate the option. 

However, this functionality is only accessible with iOS 14.5 and later.

You may also reject a call using the Airpods Max. This will be sent to voicemail. 

You must push the digital button twice to do this. 

While on the first call, you may also take a second call.

You hold the button down to switch from one call to the next, and it switches. 

If you want to return to your previous call, double-press the digital button.

With Airpods (2nd Generation), how do you answer calls?

Making a call using the second generation Airpods is identical to Airpods Pro. 

With a double-tap on either of your Airpods, you may call Siri. 

This may be changed in the options.

Double-tap any of your Airpods to answer or terminate any of your calls. 

You may also answer or reject calls using your voice if you use Siri’s announce calls function. 

You place the first call on wait and pick up the new one to answer your second call. 

To switch between your calls, double-tap on either of your Airpods.

How Do You Use Airpods (1st Generation) To Answer Calls?

You summon Siri and make your request to make a phone call using the first-generation Airpods. 

You must double-tap on either of your Airpods to answer a call. 

Similar to the second-generation AirPods, switching between calls is simple. 

When you’re on a call, double-tap any of your Airpods.

Final Thoughts

It’s never been easier to troubleshoot your Airpods. 

This is aided by the fact that there are many options available. 

If the problems continue for an extended length of time, you should seek assistance from authorized engineers.

The airpods pro skip track is a common issue that many people are facing. This article will show you 8 different troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I answer calls on AirPods pro?

You can answer calls on AirPods pro by pressing the button on the side of the earbuds.

How do I receive calls on my AirPods?

To receive a call on your AirPods, make sure you have them in your ears and then press the button on the left earbud. You will hear a voice asking for permission to answer calls and if you say yes, it will start ringing.

How do I hang my AirPods pro?

To hang your AirPods pro, you should remove the case and then use a small piece of string or a paperclip to loop through the hole in the case and then attach it to the back of the earbuds.

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